Why Trademark Registration Is Essential

//Why Trademark Registration Is Essential
Why Trademark Registration Is Essential 2018-03-02T05:52:51+00:00

Registration of your trademark is a necessity not a luxury, so MAKE YOUR MARK.

A trademark registration helps you to protect your business identity.

The money you spend on the trademark registration process is a down payment on your future brand security.

A trademark registration protects you against others using the same or similar trademark, in most cases the mere production of your trademark certificate will allow you to demand that someone infringing on your trademark stop immediately.

A registered trademark is an asset, it has value. It may be licensed, it may be franchised, it may be sold. The most valuable trademark in 2017 is Google valued at 170 Billion USD.

As a firm of attorneys we will assist in the event that your trademark is infringed or if you wish to oppose a trademark that is confusingly similar to yours.