What Is A Trademark?

//What Is A Trademark?
What Is A Trademark? 2018-03-02T05:50:02+00:00

Almost any mark that is capable of graphic representation can be registered as a trademark. A trademark has an important function of differentiating your goods or services from that of another trader.

You can register a word mark, a logo mark, a slogan or a container shape.

Example: NIKE is a word mark
The Nike Swoosh is a logo

JUST DO IT – the NIKE slogan.

Example: The hour glass shape of the Coca-Cola
Bottle is a container shape

Consumers rely on companies that have a solid reputation and respond to logos and slogans of those companies. Consumers can trust that any location, product, or service bearing your trademarked material is legitimate; your trade mark serves as your badge of origin.

So if you plan on making it big MAKE YOUR MARK now, it’s a small step to a secure future.